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Museum of Islamic Art / Museum of Iranian Heritage !!

May 30, 2012


I visited Museum of Islamic Art in Doha. The building designed by Chinese American architect Leoh Min Pei, designer of the Louvre in Pyramid. At age of 90, Pei was lured out of retirement to undertake this project. After visiting only one floor, and finding so many Iranian artifacts (around 80%) which were collected in this museum, I decided not to see more, because I felt so sad and sorry about this collected IRANIANĀ  treasures which were taken out of Iran. Then, I decided to call this place as <b>Museum of Iranian Heritage</b>.

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<a href=”” rel=”nofollow”>Museum of Islamic Art / Museum of Iranian Heritage</a>

<a href=””>Planispheric Astrolabe</a> <a href=””>Persian Antique Bowl</a> <a href=””>Persian Antique Golden Bowl</a> <a href=””>Antique Holy Qur’an</a> <a href=””>Precious Iranian Bowl</a> <a href=””>10th Century Iranian Bowl</a> <a href=””>Ancient Iranian Artifact</a> <a href=””>Persian Antique Dish</a> <a href=””>Iranian Alam</a> <a href=””>Architectural Inscription</a> <a href=””>Illuminated (ONE) Page from the Jahangir Album</a> <a href=””>Persian Antique Oil Lamp</a> <a href=””>One Page of Shahnameh</a> <a href=””>Inscription Mosaic Tile</a> <a href=””>The Precious Book of Shahnameh</a> <a href=””>Antique Incense Burner</a> <a href=””>Persian Inscription Tile</a>