Alleged Israeli Strike Location In Syria’s Latakia Found

Alleged Israeli


Location In Syria’s

Latakia Found

OSIMINT (05OCT11) Latakia Israeli Strike

Israel Strike on Latakia-thumb-560x196-2062

Last week on 12 July, US officials confirmed that Israeli forces had struck a warehouse near Latakia thought to house 50 x Russian manufactured Yakhont missiles on 05 July. The reason reported for the strike: the potential threat to Israeli shipping in the Mediterranean.

While Israeli Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon denied that Israel was responsible for the incident, media reports have consistently contradicted his official statement. In fact, the Israeli press recently reported that cruise missiles from Israel’s Dolphin submarines were the culprit, although that is difficult to confirm. Notwithstanding, additional sources in the US seem to corroborate the cruise missile strike explanation.

Putting uncertainties aside for a moment, OSIMINT can at least confirm the location of the alleged strike in Latakia whose 20 x 80 meter warehouse, observed above, also had 3 launch pads and a secure fenceline. The warehouse was located 10 meters inland from the port and directly adjacent to a munitions depot and additional storage buildings, making this a likely location for targeted surveillance.

OSIMINT (05OCT11) Munitions Depot Latakia

Latakia Munitions targeting

Beyond the main target of the Yakhont missiles, the Israeli press also released imagery showing strike damage of the adjacent area. In the comparison to the left, at least six bermed munitions buildings are highlighted as showing damage. According to Israel Defense, “impact can be identified with certainty at five warehouses.”

A third image (not pictured) shows “about six cargo transporters” not far from the sites of the strikes.

In summation, the 05 July strike is the latest in a series of strikes carried out by Israel against targets on Syrian soil. In January, the IAF reportedly hit targets thought to be Russian-made SA-17s near the Scientific Studies and Research Center (Centre D’Etudes et de Recherches Scientifiques) in Jamraya. In May there were two additional strikes, one targeting buildings near the SSRC, and the other, striking potential shipments of the Iranian-made Fateh 110 at Damascus International Airport.

Bottom Line

The latest strike continues to reiterate Israel’s determination to act while the US remains risk averse to any direct intervention, pushing back its so-called red line at every turn.


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