Assessing the Damage in Gaza

Assessing the

Damage in Gaza



UNOSAT recently acquired satellite imagery to analyze the increasing amounts of destruction in the northeastern section of the Gaza Strip.

Unosat 0726 legendThe ongoing violence in Gaza is on the verge of creating more causalities than any other Israeli-Palestinian conflict in recent memory. Today, the three-week old conflict erupted yet again as the fragile cease-fire agreed to on Saturday broke down. Hamas militants fired a barrage of rockets into Israel while Israeli troops continued to demolish the tunnel network.

Since the beginning of the ground war 43 Israeli soldiers and more than 1000 Palestinians have been killed according to public figures as of 26JUL14. By comparison, Israel’s 2009 Gaza offensive, about 1,400 Palestinians were killed while Israel had  23 deaths, 13 of which were soldiers.

The imagery above illustrates the destruction in the Gaza Strip which include areas of Gaza City, Toffah, Shija’ia, and Shaaf, resulting from the increasing amounts of conflict in the area.

As observed above, a change detection product was created by comparing satellite imagery from 06 and 25JUL14, both captured by the Pleiades satellite. The subsequent analysis identified 604 destroyed structures, 236 severely damaged structures, and 46 moderately damaged structures.  In addition, 66 craters on roads and in agricultural and non-urbanized areas are also visible as of 25JUL14. The light yellow circles above indicate where underground tunnels have been found.


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